higi API in Action

Case 1: Integration with

Patient Rob Elderman suffers from a medical condition that gets him registered into a Verteo BioPharma Patient Services program, managed by a application. Verteo Patient Services Agent explains to the patient what higi is and how it will help the patient conveniently share data with Verteo to help them manage Rob's medical condition. Verteo Patient Services Agent then sends Rob email from the application requesting he share his higi data with Verteo. Rob explicitly opts-in and authorizes to share his data with Vetreo. Data from higi is hence integrated into the application. This enables Verteo Agent to see Rob's KPIs on Blood Pressure and Weight over time.

Case 2: Integration with mHealthCoach

mHealthCoach intervention & monitoring program uses patient segmentation for a ‘custom-fit' personalized approach resulting in higher engagement & adherence. The digital coach personalizes each interaction based on data from higi API and motivates the patient for returned visits and engaging in healthy choices using the higi incentive platform. mHealthCoach has been loaded with predictive analytical algorithms & rules to engage hypertensive patients.